Monday, 23 September 2013

Popular Kitchen Splash Back Tiles

Over the past couple of months we have started to notice a trend shift for kitchen splash backs. Gone are the days of a solid glass splash back. Instead, people are using the kitchen splash back as a feature of the kitchen. With the wide variety of tiling options available in the marketplace, people are able to create a really unique and individual look. 

Some of the popular tiles that are used for kitchen splash backs include mosaics, Bisazza glass mosaics, marble feature tiles, patterned porcelain tiles, circular feature tiles, hand-made Moroccan tiles and much more.

Here is a selection of images showcasing the variety of looks you can achieve with tiled kitchen splash backs. To view more tiles, visit our website, or stop by our showroom located in Capalaba.

Bisazza Glass Mosaic Feature Tile  
Hand Made Moroccan Feature Tiles 
Kitchen Splash Back Tiles 
Patterned Kitchen Splash Back Tiles

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Edge Tiles are a Travertine Stockist!

Travertine is a beautiful natural stone and can be used as floor tiles, wall tiles, for feature walls and both internal and external use. We can even custom cut to size, shape and dimensions. NB: Allowing for lead times.

Our standard finishes are honed and filled in a variety or sizes, unfilled, and the ever so popular French pattern tumbled finish which adds an authentic rustic antique look. We also carry the best of the Italian digital travertine look tiles which have the same look, texture and colours.

Travertine is a natural stone formed over hundreds of thousands of years. If you are looking for that EDGE why not come talk to one of friendly staff about your requirements - (07) 3245 1266.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What's this all about?

When you're scouting around for the latest soft or hard furnishing concepts and products for the home, and you just can't find what you're looking for, how often do you hear the shop assistant say in hope of making a sale, "Hold on a minute, I'll just check what's out the back"?

Invariably there is always some little hidden treasure that has just been loaded into store and hasn't made it to display in the front of the shop and you think, 'Gee I'm glad I asked, this is perfect'.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, well, depending on how my trusty legs look after me, I'll share with you the hidden treasures we land 'Out the back', before they make their way to the shops.  I often travel the seven seas by air, to many different locations searching for unique time pieces which will take pride of joy in any home, small or large.

So what's out the back this week?

Well, I've just made it back in time for some cosy weather which has hit our shores.  It looks like the brollies are no longer needed (fingers crossed) and its time to stoke the fires!

Mmmm,  so the fire place is need of a revamp?  Well it just so happens I took a little break in Queenstown N.Z. While I was there I couldn't help noticing the amazing use of stone cladding on exteriors and internals.  So after investigating a little further I found out that the stone used is called schist and is in abundance in New Zealand.  This is because the minerals and rock lavas that have been spewed out of the surrounding volcanic ridges have morphed into a densely packed stone, perfect for insulating and building materials.

So I couldn't bring back schist which needs a stone mason to erect but I did bring back the next best thing!  Stone walling that looks and creates the same inspiration as the beautiful Amisfield winery and bistro

If you would like to know a little more about how to revamp your fire place or create the Amisfield look anywhere around the house or garden then email or post a comment and I will give you all the details.